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Acquiring Patents
At Lemures Ip Trading Ltd, we provide members with a transparent, trustworthy way to analyze and acquire strategic patent purchases. We deal primarily in the area of high tech and offer a variety of comprehensive services to ensure the fastest, safest acquisition of patents possible.
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We provide a suite of valuable services that assist in the purchase of patents from triage to evaluation to purchase. We do the majority of the initial legwork while you reap the long-term benefits.

We act as an International Search Authority (ISA), finding strategic patents for purchase, and as an International Preliminary Examination Authority (IPEA).

Our quality search and examination services are carried out by highly qualified and experienced examiners. We work closely with applicants to ensure a smooth, mutually beneficial transaction.

With our extensive experience and workforce, we cover all existing and emerging technical fields and provide you with fast, reliable service throughout the PCT process, all according to your needs and wants.

Membership Perks

Lemures Ip Trading Ltd members enjoy full access to the most efficient, effective, and proactive patent acquisition and defense services on the market.

With nearly 25,000 viable patent assets being offered for public sale and more than 500 new sellers entering the market annually, we are able to search and examine a broad range of options for our customers. These numbers are on the increase and are anticipated to continue trending upward for the foreseeable future.

litigation protection

Working with Lemures Ip Trading Ltd can help ensure against litigation over international property issues. Just in the United States alone, there have been more than 1,600 assets reassigned with following litigations.

We operate our business with strict adherence to both legal and ethical guidelines that both prevent litigation complications and discharge those that might occur despite our best efforts.

Competitive Pricing
We believe you will find our pricing to be competitive with other similar services. Our pricing structure is dictated by current market conditions, and we do our best to make the entire process affordable according to the work involved and your available budget.
Lemures process

Process for Owners and Sellers

Step 1: Submission of Portfolio/Patent(s) For Sale

All pertinent information is gathered, including marketing materials, patent numbers, price expectations, claim charts, and bidding deadlines

Step 2: Portfolio Review

Ensure that each offering is within the scope of member needs.

Step 3: Member Consideration

The patent is listed on our secure database and is searchable for Lemures Ip Trading Ltd members.

Step 4: Consideration of Available Patents

Members are given up to 60 days to take action on a listing.

Step 5: Status Updates

This ensures that all information in a given portfolio is accurate and up to date.

Step 6: Offer to Purchase

If interest exists, an offer is made to the member for purchase.

Step 7: Acquisition

Patent is purchased with timely and efficient closing procedures.

Process for Members

Step 1: Examine Available Opportunities

Patents available for purchase are presented via our worldwide database.

Step 2: Bidding

Members make confidential bidding and funding decisions that go into a central pool.

Step 3: Negotiation

A reasonable deal is agreed upon by the seller and member.

Step 4: Acquisition

Chain of title and other legal considerations are examined and resolved, and the closing process begins.

Step 5: Licensing

Once established, licenses are fully paid and are irrevocable for the duration of the patent.

Step 6: Divestment

All patents become divested with proceeds distributed to members who fund the acquisition.