Consortium Purchasing

Lemures Ip Trading Ltd uses a competitive cost-sharing model. We pool funds contributed by interested parties and use them to acquire patent rights at a low individual cost. The bottom-line cost per member is lower than what any individual or company could manage independently.

Our partners include some of the world’s biggest technology entities, all of which hold a strong commitment to proactively reducing exposure to adversarial litigation from patent holders.

Working closely with our members, we seek out and analyze all patents of interest currently up for sale. We then pool all available funds from interested members and negotiate the purchase.

With costs divided collaboratively among all interested members, we are able to acquire patent rights at rates that are a fraction of the cost of an independent purchase, along with the necessary legal buffers to avoid additional litigation expense.

Strategic Analysis

Lemures Ip Trading Ltd employs a proven, efficient, cost-effective analysis method spanning a broad range of patent offerings on the open market. We provide expert advice and support to help members identify patents of interest. The patents are analyzed and reviewed with our members through a process that continues until a purchase agreement can be reached.

Our web-based product categorization system allows members to rapidly search for appropriate patent purchase opportunities, and our staff works tirelessly to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of all seller-provided data, including all of the following:

  • Patent Numbers & Families
  • Integrity of Title
  • Chain of title
  • History of Litigation
  • Any and All Other Pertinent Information

We communicate continually with owners and sellers and provide new opportunities as they become available. We also provide a quarterly assessment spanning the entire patent brokerage market. This includes reviews of all top brokers and sellers and prevailing trends in technology acquisition and marketing. We continually analyze U.S. patent assignments in our effort to identify buyers and sellers in specific product and service categories.

Member Networking
At Lemures Ip Trading Ltd, we provide our members with numerous opportunities to network with like-minded and similarly motivated buyers and aid in relationship building that leads to cooperative collaboration throughout the entire acquisition process. This helps form solid partnerships and avoid negative issues surrounding intellectual property rights.
Sell Your Paten
Sell Your Patent

If you have a patent that you wish to sell, please take the time to complete our submission form.

We consider the purchase of patents specifically in high-tech areas. Once we receive your submission, we will review all information provided and determine if your patent meets all required criteria. Portfolios that meet our requirements will be distributed among our member companies for their evaluation and consideration. Members often act jointly in consideration of submitted patent portfolios.

A patent listing with Lemures Ip Trading Ltd puts your information in front of our entire member base. We are often able to reach buyers you would not otherwise reach. The listing and sale of patents in our database are always free.